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Vidhiśāstras – Advocates & Solicitors is a law firm with specialization in distinctive legal area to provide instantaneous and extensive sustenance and solution accessible. The successful co-operation of a thriving systematized and proficient team throughout the years has resulted in establishment of this law office.
This firm is an association of attorneys and solicitors having expertise in various twigs of law founded by one of the dynamic and leading lawyers of the country Mr. Ashish Deep Verma.

Ever since its inception, this firm has been handling various legal matters both on original side as well as the appellate side before number of judicial forums which includes Supreme court of India, Different High Court in India, Districts Courts, Tribunals and Commissions.
Apart from taking up matters with judicial forums firm is extensively handling documentation, consultation and advisory work which includes expert opinions on various legal aspects.

The law firm provides corporate law services with a particular emphasis on the real estate sector, venture capital, secured lending, infrastructure and construction projects, mergers & acquisitions, taxation and litigation, for a large client base providing legal opinions to National as well as International Clients.

Vidhiśāstras – Advocates & Solicitors has capacity to offer business oriented advice, prompt and unified assistance and amalgamated legal services to a broad range of legal and quasi legal complications. It has a multi punitive practice and can provide team of lawyers to handle major legal difficulties with expertise in litigation. Disclaimer: This site on web sets forth our general terms of arrangement, intended solely for information and not to be construed as exhaustive list or as an irrevocable undertaking to any prospective Client.

The scope of work is discussed in detail with the Client and concrete task is to be identified by the experts. Depending on the nature of identified tasks, the matter is assigned to a team of professionals, with carefully selected blend of expertise and corresponding language skills. Customarily the team works under the management and supervision of a partner, involved permanently or from time to time, as circumstances require.

Our performance of services is dependent on Client carrying out their responsibilities as set out below: –

  • The Client shall provide us with all information and materials reasonably required on a timely basis to enable us provide our services.
  • If the Client is exhausting services of third parties, whose work may affect our ability to provide services, the Client shall ensure the existence of appropriate arrangements to enable timely transfer of information and co-ordination of efforts.
  • Unless the Client specifically advises us in writing the names of those individuals who are authorized to request from us services under this agreement, we are entitled to assume that the Client’s staff, that instruct us have the authority to do so.

Unless otherwise agreed with the Client, our services shall be based on Indian legislation, in force as of the date of provision of the services, which has been duly promulgated. Upon entreat, we are also able to provide services based on draft-laws.

Vidhisastras is assisted by competent associates having expertise in different fields and an infrastructure equipped with the latest office technology.

Every Person Who Walks Through Our Door Is Important To Us.