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Cross Examination is an art at Trial before court of Law




Can you puncture a tyre without action? Practically the answer is not in affirmative.

Art as to how a counsel punctures an investigation or opponent’s credibility is the art of cross examination. To attain the stage where you prove the witness not trustworthy and reliable is not only a cumbersome journey but requires in depth knowledge of fundamental principles of this art and at the same time seeks substantial knowledge of practical assessment in consonance with the theoretical base.
Cross examination is a Journey and you start your journey when you start cross examining the witness wherein you have to keep in mind to carry all necessary details which could assist you reach your destination.
The complications depend on the kind of journey you are accommodating with and it could be tough or quite difficult at times whereas quite easier on other hand depending on the set of facts and circumstances you are dealing with.
An innocent have nothing to fear but the shrewd art of cross examination can put an innocent in trouble while a criminal can easily be saved precisely on the basis of the crucial art of cross examination.
Cross examination is the most vital tool for operating a trial where in non- open ended questionnaire leading to have the favourable module for arguments is the prime concern and must be the prime aim for trial lawyers. This aspect is the most determining factor in handling the paddle of the boat as to where and in which direction you have to drive solely in order to achieve the fact or to mould the fact concerning the facts and circumstances of each case.
To puncture the tyre you have to act and to act you have to put appropriate and accurate questions so as to enable the witness to speak your way and to extract the truth out of the witness and to conclusively prove it unreliable and untrustworthy.
Keep it to the point and keeping it short
 and simple should be the main focus in order to attain the eventuality and it is always advisable to refrain from asking vague and unwanted questions as they won’t render any help. Your meticulous and exhaustive preparation as well as investigation is a must before you lead the battlefield of Justice.Always wait for the witness to answer the best of the questions so that tyre of examination could easily be punctured.

Ashish Deep Verma

Founder/Managing Partner

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