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Operation and Running of a full fledged virtual office is the need of hour.

Under the prevailing circumstances , when the World is facing unprecedented situation with the threat of pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization and being witnessed by people across the Globe the functioning and smooth operation of organisations appears to be a far fetched objective.
At this Juncture, Law Firms that are substantially established have been taking assistance of the technology and have been operating in the best possible manner. The issue to face Covid-19 is a serious threat and governments on their respective levels are taking measures to control the situation in hand though no quick solution to control the same could be visualised keeping in view the way it is spreading.
When it comes to operations for international clients the Law Firms have been working almost virtually though its substantially different to adapt  the same way for domestic clients especially when the majority of the companies and corporates are under lockdown and are working remotely.
The basic requirement of corporates and commercial organisations have been vetting of contracts and contract management along with other important documentation work that are required on a regular basis and have been pending  and lined up because of the crisis but Individual Lawyers and Law Firms must realise the white collar work they are in and accordingly they need to set a parameter to establish the relationship between their employees and the clients in terms of the requirements and objectives of clients and this very  transition in the work pattern has to be dealt effectively and professionally to avoid any confusion.
The operation has to be effected virtually and to achieve the same the technological advancement has to be obtained in order to maintain a set criteria so that to avoid any delay because of the existing crisis that could prolong.
Virtual office or Running an office from home or work from home is the need of the hour and in the era of technology and global advancement it should be seen as an added and necessary advantage. Setting up a remote-access VPN or cloud-based practice management solution to get secure access to all firm data and files could be an option that could be considered for a well established team work and further forming a chat and collaboration software such as Slack or Microsoft Teams for easy collaboration and Move in-person meetings with staff and clients to free Zoom or Google Hangouts video conferencing could make a well managed virtual office run very smoothly and significantly.
one vital and very important concern is of cyber security and confidentiality of the clients data which has to be categorically kept in mind while dealing with the technology and for that special arrangements have to be made with the assistance of Technology partner.
In difficult situation when the world is facing extreme crisis , It is the need to come together to explore the positive alternative we have at our disposal and in doing so we need to make positive and dedicated use of the time to programme ourselves for the future and manage work while being at home and making our respective offices well functioned and operative virtually.

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