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Corporate & Commercial

Vidhiśāstras-Advocates & Solicitors has been assisting on various subject matter in relation to due diligence in establishing Companies, Merger and Acquisitions, Foreign Investments and further assisting through prescribed regulatory framework and Joint Ventures with specific concentration to business growth as well as regulatory and legal compliance in order to provide safe and secure investment programmes and planning while discovering prospects for advance and future growth in terms of managing and investing capital and sovereign wealth reserves. The law firm further assists and provides strategic platform for ensuring pathway for dissolution and exodus strategies.

In terms of Corporate and Commercial litigation, the law firm has acquired distinct expertise in terms of defending and pursuing the interest of the clients in order to safeguard their respective interest according to the legal rights and applicable law primarily through Alternate Dispute Resolution in terms of ad-hoc and Institutional arbitrations before various domestic and International arbitral tribunals or through Court proceedings at National Company Law Tribunal, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal and at respective High Courts and Hon’ble Apex Court of the country varying on different subject matter of dispute and differences.

A Corporate law firm that guides through proper channel and legal and regulatory compliance based on law and ensure positive and determined growth.”


Mr. Maxim Tafinstev, President/Chairperson- Russian Asian Legal Association.

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